Tax Consultation

Are you a sole proprietor, co-entrepreneur, freelancer, shareholder, manager, landlord, employee, young entrepreneur, pensioner, restaurateur, self-employed or even temporarily working in Austria, then we are here for you!

Our range of services in tax consulting includes, in addition to active support in corporate planning, choice of legal form and minimization of your tax burden, the following activities:

  • advice on company formation, choice of legal form and reorganization
  • preparation of annual accounts and income-expenditure invoices
  • preparation of tax declarations
  • creation of employee assessments
  • preparation of planning calculations, plan budgets, budgeted balance sheets
  • representation to tax authorities
  • advice on employment and social security issues
  • control of the tax assessment
  • correspondence with the tax authorities
  • application such as reduction of advance payments, extension of time limits, payment facilitation and deferral of tax debts
  • information about tax changes
  • supervision during tax audits
  • tax optimization within the family
  • concept plans
  • organizational issues of your company