Payroll Services

Annual payroll requirements

  • Municipal tax and employer tax declaration
  • Preparation of the annual payslip
  • Annual payroll accounts
  • Submission to the tax office, social insurance institution and local authorities
  • Calculation of provisions for severance payments, vacation accrual and credit hours

Ongoing core services

  • Payroll
  • Monthly transfer list
  • Calculation of all monthly charges, such as income tax, social contributions, council tax, subway tax, employer contribution, employer surcharge
  • Book of accounts
  • Monthly reports to relevant authorities
  • Provision of electronic payslips
  • Data carrier for online banking or paying forms
  • Advice on personnel accounting



Additional services

  • Support for partial retirement or consulting contracts
  • Implementation and compliance with maternity policies
  • AUVA refund request
  • Processing of labour requests
  • Employee advice
  • Calculation of leave entitlement
  • Assistance with/during GPLA exams
  • Registration of sick leave
  • Third party debtor declaration]
  • Calculations for adjustments of collective agreements
  • HR Master – Management and changes
  • Travel expenses
  • Leave management
  • Notifying the Court at the end of a seizure
  • Preparations for the lawyer in the event of a lawsuit

Optional services

  • Carrying out the entire payroll payments process
  • Dispatch of net billings to the home address of your employee
  • Employee assessments